Management Report Template


Management Report Template

Managing change within an organisation can be easy or difficult depending on your approach. I have implemented changes in business making mistakes and learning over time how to effectively manage change by allowing small and large teams working as one.

Shh... the secret key ingredient;

Identify the KPI’s that you want to measure, then recording these against each section or department, now the big secret, allow each section and team member to “OWN the KPI!” They contribute with the ides and processes to make the systems work. The outcome, the team members "OWN THE KPI's" and own reporting on them!

Implementing change (one step at a time) requires participation from each section head and the team members themselves where they “own the business results”. When they own the results, they come up with the ideas for improvement, just submitting these ideas to management for approval before implementing.

Managing this change process is simple with the Management Report Template. In this Management Report, the team members and sections have a voice each month, the output, mistakes and improvement ideas are shared each month. My focus is they “own their sections deliverable and measurements” then the team “own the process”.

We use this report for managing our seven businesses across four countries. Initially I also struggled until we developed this management report template allowing me (and now you) to manage team members, changing the business direction, slowly and effectively without your direct involvement. This way we (and now you) can control each business’s direction with reduced effort.

When you use, tune and change to suit your business you then you will also have the ”KPI Pulse” of your business at your fingertips. Then the team have “ownership” of the deliverable tasks and your management role becomes much easier.

When you use, tune and change to suit your business you will then also have the ”KPI Pulse” of your business at your fingertips.The team will have “ownership” of the deliverable tasks and your management role will become much easier.

The management report template key sections are

  1. Management report overview (purpose audience, structure)
  2. Critical issues affecting production & availability
  3. Critical systems report (Production line / Technology)
  4. I.T. Infrastructure
  5. Architect / innovation
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales
  8. Human Resources
  9. Operations
  10. Department A
  11. Mangers Summary

This Management report remains focused on passing the completion using excellence in all parts of your business. It is not a financial report, however a Marketing, (Web site, Social media, physical media), sales, conversion measurement conversions, operations and customer service delivery systems based report.

The Management Report Template focuses on the “Systems” required to run a successful business. Just like the picture on the front page, your systems must be working at peak efficiency to overtake the competition. (driving an Alfa Romeo in Switzerland)

Job satisfaction

In my experience, I have found that “money alone” does not create “job satisfaction” for employees. Simple recognition of the task performed, management saying “thank-you” at the appropriate time, the person having a voice and “feeling part of the solution” all help contribute to “job satisfaction”.

I have found feeling part of the team that “produces the results” focused the team each day week and month. As a result, this Management report template is focused setting the expectation, targets then helping them reach the goals. You (management) also know about the birthdays, exams, successes and frustrations, key employee events that remove the “I am just an employee number” giving management that “personal touch” to each team member.

Included in this file

The Management Report Template includes;

  1. 1 x QA checks excel
  2. 1 x critical system monitor excel (links)
  3. 1 x word document (office 2003 format)
  4. 1 x IT daily checklist excel (if needed)
  5. Front image

Sneak peak inside the report:-

Using this will have your team working in tune, focused on delivering the best output possible, while allowing management to know and understand exactly what is going on in the business and when. It also allows the Management to make a personal connection with the team members by glancing at the HR section.

I use this every month, so I can manage multiple businesses so now sharing it with you.

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