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Reporting your business activities on a monthly basis creates a value plus a direction for your business. This updated report template (2011 201x) provides you the framework for monthly reporting that adds value for a potential purchaser.

You gain the benefit of monitoring your key performance ratios as the business trades on a monthly basis.

If you are a Director you are responsible for the performance of the company. Your job is to stay informed, ignorance is no excuse and this template is designed to keep you informed.

Board Report - Management report for directors to see the performance of the company. (according to ASIC requirements) Template produces 4 pages and graphs to understand your business.

This report is simple, with graphical results and priced for any small to medium business, forecasting a 2 month projection giving the directors future insight.

To use the report, just follow this three step process;

  1. Supply it to your book keeper to complete the number section
  2. Your business manager or sales person completed the current activities
  3. Summarise and supply it to your director

Once set up it takes less than 1 hour per month. Completing this is a simple task that adds value to your Business when you prepare for sale.

How does this report increase business value?

Just keep the historical reports for 12 or 18 months and it provides a great series of reports for any du-diligence or auditing.
A purchaser will value the company even higher by simply viewing your management monthly reports over the previous years.

Supply to the bank or finance company to prove your business acumen. Bank finance needs to see your historical and future direction before arranging extra finance. Once data is entered, this Board Report Template makes Board Reporting simpler, keeping them more informed.

Consider this, normal financials P & L and Balance sheet give numbers. You do not see the trending (good or bad), plus you cannot forecast the current position forward. This report looks at the last twelve months trend this forward by average. Directors then clearly see the current and forecast to make sound investment decisions for the company.

"You cannot manage what you do not measure and report". Reporting "knowledge is power" giving the data to the decision makers to back sound business decisions.

If you wish to speed up the first report, we enter data for you. Just contact us (right side of this page.)

Sneak peak inside the Board Report

Data Entry takes between 4 to 7 hours depending on your financial reports. Once done, the time is about 1 hour per month to update and refresh graphs. You can easily enter the data into the Board Report Template once the historical data entry is completed.

Do not stress, if you need assistance entering your historical data into the board report we provide this service for $197 ex GST. (Flat rate for the last 12 months data entry - regardless your business size).

Customer Testimonials

These are just a few of our customer testimonials.

" Its fantastic, exactly what i needed thank you"......Mr Chris Harper (U.K.)

" Very satisfied, Great template and so easy to use"....Mr Lewis Newton (Australia)

" Top quality, A business must tool".....Mr Richard Crane (Canada)

" Thank you for this magic tool, just what my business needed".....Mrs Amanda Stewart( Australia)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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